In the fall of 1996 God spoke to our pastor, telling him to build Him a new house, worthy of His Name and His Glory. This congregation embraced this vision and, since then, this ministry has risen to the challenge in seeing this dream become a reality. 

One aspect that has surprised many, especially financial professionals, is the fact that this congregation has developed its own fundraising strategies.  One of these, and perhaps one of the most memorable ones and one that reflects the response of this people before the calling of God, happened in 2003, “The year of the desert”. 

This strategy consisted of people only utilizing their finances to cover their basic needs, and investing in the construction of this house the savings gathered by not spending any unnecessary funds. That year we made a commitment as a congregation to not go on vacations, buy new clothes, gifts, eat out at restaurants, go to the movies, etc. In obedience of this calling, in this year alone, we were able to raise $1,600.000.00 toward the building fund. 

Through today the total invested in this Project has been close to $12,000,000.00 of which over $8,000,000.00 have been raised through the offerings of the people.

From a small group of 20, in the beginning of the ministry, to an active membership of 700; the special care given to the Word of God, entire families enjoying the Gospel, a youth willing to serve the Lord, the united work done with the body of Christ and a missionary vision are some of the signs of integral growth. 

Finally moving to this house has very important significance for the vision God has given to Harvest Ministries. It represents a strategic platform for the reaching and blessing of New England and other nations of the world.